Owner and Instructor

While the epitome of a tomboy, Demetra first got into pole dancing after a friend mentioned she was taking classes.  Intrigued, Demetra took an intro class and has been hooked ever since.  Although surprised by her love of it, Demetra quickly completed all levels and took on the challenge of instructing in 2010.  She has her Aradia Fitness Certification, elevatED L1 Pole, is a Certified Judge for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association and is also a Certified POUND® Pro.  Demetra continues her education to provide safe and effective training for her students and will be taking her elevatED L2 Pole in January of 2018 to complete this internationally renown certification.  In addition, Demetra travels every year to the US and Europe to learn from some of the top pole athletes in the world.  She continues to encourage her students to increase their strength, flow and precision and truly enjoys doing it.



Erica has been pole dancing with Aradia Fitness for over five years, having taught in Edmonton and most recently joining the Calgary team. The desire to continue dancing has brought her back to the studio through multiple other sport injuries. After spending her day in the corporate world, she loves leading women through their fitness and dance journey. She has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and continues her learning through our education and training requirements.  She finds inspiration in watching her students grow in their physical strength and inner confidence.



Tatiana is a fun, enthusiastic and open-minded person. Training and exercising are a lifestyle for her. Tatiana was born and raised in Russia and took her first classes of pole dancing there too. She fell in love with every move and back then decided to become an instructor one day. Tatiana moved to Canada in 2009 and worked hard to become a fitness professional. Her dream came true when she joined Aradia Fitness. She completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and continues her learning through our education and training requirements. For Tatiana, Pole Dancing is a great and very unique way to stay fit, feel confident and sexy and meet new friends. As a Pole Dancing Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach Tatiana enjoys pushing students and clients to be their best by setting an example in her own personal fitness and techniques.

Robin Buriak


Owner and Instructor

Robin believed in love at first sight the second she met her pole!  Robin shines doing anything that requires graceful lines and flow.  Despite being incredibly multi talented, Robin is very much down to earth.  Her genuine warmth and welcoming nature makes her approachable and enjoyable to train with for students and instructors alike. She has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification, is a Certified POUND® Pro and continues her learning through our education and training requirements.  She is very passionate about her craft and recently won the 2017 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship in the Masters division!



Amanda began her pole fitness career with Aradia Fitness in Calgary in 2012.  She enjoys working with students to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.  As an EMT, she is well versed in safe practices.  Amanda completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and continues to train and educate herself to ensure safe and effective training practices for her students.  She is a ball of energy and has a positive attitude that permeates to everyone around her!


Owner and Instructor

Monika has been a pole fitness instructor since 2009. She has continally been learning and collecting as much knowledge as possible not only for pole fitness, but also for flexibility, mobility and strength training. Monika has competed at and won pole fitness competitions and performed at various events, including an internationally renowned metal festival that was headlined by one of her favourite bands, Venom. When she’s not training she is either working as physicist or running her photography business. Her photography focuses on concerts and nightscapes, but also includes pole dance portraits and weddings. Monika is known to be very technical and precise and she is amazing at helping students build foundations and reach their goals!



Stephanie first started pole dancing in 2008 in Saskatoon! After growing up taking and teaching dance classes, she wanted to try something new and instantly fell in love with the physical challenges and friendships that came with advancing through the levels of pole classes. She started instructing with Aradia Fitness in 2016 in Edmonton and has recently joined our team of instructors in Calgary. Stephanie has her Aradia Fitness Instructor Certification, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and is currently pursuing her 85hr Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher certification. When she is not in the studio, Stephanie enjoys spending time at the lake and working on aerial hoop, hammock and silks!



Serena began her pole fitness career with Aradia Fitness in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, BC, then transferred to Calgary in 2008. Serena’s love for dance in combination with her group fitness certification made it an easy transition for her to move from a student to an instructor. She completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and has trained endless hours to provide safe and effective training to her students and colleagues.  Her technical strength makes her a great team member at Aradia Fitness!