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What Everyone Should Know about Pole Fitness

While pole fitness is gaining a lot of popularity and attention, you may not be entirely familiar with form of exercise. Here is a list of what everyone should know about pole fitness.

“Not Having Upper Body Strength” is no problem!

This is the most common concern I hear from people that haven’t tried pole fitness yet. The beauty of this sport is that it trains your upper body (as well as the rest of it) to build the strength necessary to progress. Before pole, I could barely do 10 lbs. bicep curls. Now I’m able to lift my full body weight. It’s a natural progression that begins from the first class you take.

Regardless of Age, People that do Pole Fitness are in the Best Shape of their Lives.

We always get emails about weight and age limitations. My response? There are none! Did you know that the World Pole Sport Champion in the Masters 50+ division in 2013 was 62 years old? Did you know there was a Masters 50+ division?Regarding different sizes, we all start somewhere and again it is about working hard to achieve your goals. Anyone can do it! I am in the best shape of my life and it makes me happy just thinking about it. My 40 year old self could kick my 20 year old self’s butt any day!

There are Many Different Types of Pole Dancing

While most enjoy all forms, there are three main areas of pole: Sport, Art and Sexy. At Aradia, we incorporate all three to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and be as creative as possible.

Celebrities do Pole Fitness too

Yes they do!   Is has become increasingly popular and stars like, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams, Kate Moss, Heather Graham, Kate Hudson, Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus have all gotten into the action!

Pole Dancing is an Effective Fitness Regiment

This workout is a FULL BODY workout no question about it! From the floor work to the pole, it will build your strength while burning calories. It provides resistance training and cardio and helps improve flexibility and balance at the same time. From my experience, pole fitness was the quickest and easiest way to lose weight and gain strength and muscle.

It Boosts your Confidence and Sex Life!

A confident woman is a sexy woman! When you feel sexy, you are confident and self-assured. One of the fun side effects? More sexy time with your partner!

It’s an Internationally Recognized Competition Sport

There are Pole Championships in hundreds of countries in the world including Canada. Competitors compete in regional divisions (such as Alberta, BC, etc.) and the winners of each division move on to Nationals. There is even a strong push to include Pole Sport in the Olympics.

Men do Pole Fitness too

Of course! The number of men continues to grow every year and most competitions include a Men’s Division. The ancient form of Chinese pole for example has been performed throughout history and almost exclusively by men.


The benefits are unlimited. Read our students’ testimonials to see how pole fitness can change your life! It is a fun and different way to get in shape and be part of a supportive community. It’s also a great way to spend time with your friends and meet new ones. We can’t wait to see you and be part of your fitness journey with Aradia.

Travelling? A Guide to Picking a Pole Studio!

When I’m travelling, I always look to see if I can book a private pole lesson in that city if there isn’t an Aradia studio. There are so many options, especially in large cities like New York, Chicago and LA for example, that it can get confusing. Here is a cheat sheet that can help when picking a pole studio:
– Location: This is the most important factor in my opinion. You don’t need to go to the closest studio, but you do want to find a studio that is convenient to get to (e.g. subway, taxi, car). There are definitely examples where I have not taken this into account because I really wanted to go to a specific studio/instructor. If that’s not the case, figuring out a convenient plan is definitely something to consider.
– Website: When checking a studios website look for the following: design, professionalism, instructor bios and pictures of the studio. You should have an overall feel of the studio through how their website is displayed as well as what to expect. It’s helpful if the website is mobile friendly.
– Pricing: Always know your budget and stick to it. Remember to take into consideration that you might find some cute shorts that you want to buy on the way out!
– Response Time: If the studio you contact via email or phone does not respond within 24 hours, this may be an indication of what is to come in terms of customer service. With a private lesson, keep in mind that they may need a couple of days to confirm an instructor after you have given them the date or dates you would like. Give them some options to accommodate you. For example in New York I requested a specific date but I was flexible within a four hour time period.
– Confirm your goals: In order to get the best experience out of your private lesson, you should confirm with the studio in advance what you can do (ask your Aradia instructor for the terminology if you are unsure) and also let them know what you would like to work on. I truly believe that learning from different instructors is a good thing. Everyone has their own style and strengths. I personally was taught by four Aradia Instructors when I was a student and I have taken over 15 private lessons or workshops in the US and Europe in the last four years. Committing to your home base studio is important but adding some outside learning can help you grow as an athlete as well.

We have also provided private lessons for people travelling to Calgary, and local students have requested our services as well. If you are or become a VIP membership client, don’t forget you have a one hour private lesson included at no charge.
Hope this helps and happy international poling!

Changing Perspective

This blog is about changing perspective. Specifically the way the world views pole fitness but in my mind, even more important, is changing the way WE view pole. Let me explain. We are all part of a wonderful community that encourages, challenges and enhances our fitness prowess. But how do we gain the best experience while ensuring we are achieving the best results?
Many times students have come to me to ask when they will learn a particular trick. This is a common experience among instructors in pole. Often these moves are three or four steps further than where the student’s learning is. As in all sports, there is a natural progression to get to certain moves.  In pole fitness we can use the example that you can’t go from an extended butterfly directly to an iron X without some learning in between. In fact, when I was a student I too was impatient and wanted to learn more and more tricks. My instructor Serena would always tell me that we would get there. But she also ensured I focused on getting the moves I knew at point as perfectly as I could before moving on to the next. After a few months of hearing this, I started to realize that she was right. What was the point of knowing a lot tricks but none of them well? What exactly had I accomplished other than being ok at pole? Didn’t I want to be great at it?
It is only natural to want to expand your repertoire as quickly. However, remember it is also important to make the moves you are working on as clean and fluid as possible to ensure a solid foundation. Our curriculum is built to create a learning plan that will move you in the right direction so you can achieve even the loftiest goals. I never imagined that I would learn what I have in a relatively short amount of time. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment when my instructor tells me what a beautiful dancer I have become. At the end of the day, I realized that learning something to the best of my abilities is far better than knowing it a bit and moving on to the next moves before mastering the previous ones.
Remember that pole is not a destination but a journey, a really fun one at that!

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