Class Schedule for Aradia Fitness

Are you ready to get started at Aradia Fitness Calgary?! Use our schedule below (click on the class to register) or download the ScheduleHouse app for easy registration via your phone for any & all classes you wish to attend.



Once downloaded, Find a Location: Aradia Fitness Calgary and you are ready to view the class schedule and manage your registrations on your phone!

When using the Aradia Fitness class schedule, please make sure you are familiar with our attendance & cancellations and our late cancel/no show policies to avoid unnecessary charges or fees. You can also download the ScheduleHouse App for easy on-the-go scheduling with your free user account!  Please remember to register at least 2 hours before your class begins as our registration system will not allow late registrations.

Students must attend at least eight (8) classes of each level before being eligible to advance to the next level.    Taking at least one class per week (if not more) will help you progress faster than taking classes infrequently (your frequency will determine how many classes you may need to reach the strength to assess to the next level) . For safety reasons, Aradia Fitness requires all clients to pass an assessment prior to advancing. Students are welcome to attend any Pole Level class at their current approved level or any lower level.

NOTE: First-time Pole Dance Students are required to begin with our “Teaser: Intro to Pole Dance” class. After completion of the Teaser class, students may then attend Pole 1.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For students who have taken a break from classes for a couple of months or more, please note our curriculum and levels have changed. Please email us at to confirm which new level is best suited for you!  Also, have a long break, you may want to level down for just a few classes to ensure your strength is still on pace for your current level.

NOTE:  You can register in Pole Dance Level and Pole Fit Classes up to 2 weeks in advance.  For Sexy Fit Classes, you can register up to one month in advance.

Looking for pole shorts and grip? Click here to see our pole wear, accessories, and grips available for purchase at the Aradia Fitness Calgary studio.


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