We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing Dan Rosen to Aradia Fitness Calgary! Those of you who were already attending our studio at the beginning of 2020 know he was supposed to come to us in the spring. It’s been a long wait, but the Mother of Susans will finally be in Canada and teaching exclusively at our studio while in Calgary!

Dan Rosen is a star in the pole world and one of the most entertaining people to follow on social media. His pole journey started in 2008, leading him to open his own studio IFA in Hertfordshire, England, win UK championships and an international title, and tour the world teaching pole dancers everywhere. Dan has no previous gymnastics or dance training and is proof that you don’t have to be a gymnast to be a good pole dancer. As an instructor, he is known for his friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques. He is the creator and curator of Pole LOLS, home to Susan and Danielle, and those funny but scary pole and aerial fail compilation videos.

Picture Perfect

May 21st @ 10:00am
$85 - 1.5hrs


In this workshop Dan will be teaching you his favourite picture perfect poses. The aim of the class is to give you the confidence to move in and out of moves effortlessly. (Because there is no point in doing a trick if it’s not gorgeous right?) Dan specializes in moves which not only look great, but moves which are ACHIEVABLE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn some new and interesting tricks. 

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Prerequisites: Pole 4+ For this class you will need to be able to perform a basic invert, inside/outside leg hang and butterfly. It will help if you are comfortable with most spins.

Dan's Favourite Combos

May 21st @ 11:45am
$85 - 1.5hrs


This class will cover Dan’s favourite combos which may have been seen in some of his performances. He will adapt the combo to each level of student to make it fun for all in the class. Students are welcome to give moves which they like to do or would like to learn and Dan will try to help you create a combo around this trick. So not only will you get to learn Dan’s combos, you will get the techniques to learn how to make your own combos with moves you love.

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Prerequisites: Pole 5+ This is a fairly advanced class you will ideally have aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, superman, extended butterfly and inside/outside leg hangs.

Dance with Dan

May 22nd @ 7:15pm
$85 - 1.5hrs

Email us to be put on a waitlist for a second Dance with Dan class at 5:30pm.

If you like to get down and dirty with the pole then this class would be for you! Get filthy on the pole with Dan and enjoy one of his signature heel choreo routines. Bring heels and knees pads (leg warmers would also be suitable).

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Prerequisites: Suitable for all levels!