We provide a safe, welcoming, and creative space for artists, athletes and fitness enthusiasts to explore, train and grow. All of our pole instructors are Aradia Fitness certified and continue their learning through semi-annual training sessions as well as have CPR and first aid. Our aerial training, guidance and curriculum is provided by Circus Lab in Vancouver, BC.

Aradia Fitness Calgary owner and pole fitness instructor Demetra Lykidis


Owner and Instructor

While the epitome of a tomboy, Demetra first got into pole dancing after a friend mentioned she was taking classes.  Intrigued, Demetra took an intro class and has been hooked ever since.  Demetra quickly completed all levels and took on the challenge of instructing in 2009.  She has her Aradia Fitness Certification in all levels, completed both levels of the internationally renown elevatED Pole Certification, is a Certified Judge for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, a PSO Unicorn through Pole Sport Organization and also a Certified POUND® Pro. Demetra continues her education to provide safe and effective training for her students.  She completed two 8 week courses that included daily instructor feedback to gain and teach proper technique in Russian Exotic movement and is in the midst of doing a third course this semester. In addition, Demetra travels every year to the US and Europe to learn from some of the top pole athletes in the world.

Aradia Fitness Calgary owner and pole fitness instructor Monika Deviat


Owner and Instructor

Monika has been a pole fitness instructor since 2008. She has continually been learning and collecting as much knowledge as possible not only for pole fitness, but also for flexibility, mobility and strength training. As an instructor, Monika is versatile and experienced, she is able to teach many styles and always has interesting exercises for you to try. Monika is known to be very technical and precise. She is amazing at helping students build foundations and reach their goals. Monika has competed at and won pole fitness competitions and performed at various events, including an internationally renowned metal festival that was headlined by one of her favourite bands, Venom. When she’s not training she is either working as physicist or running her photography business. Her photography focuses on concerts and nightscapes, but also includes pole dance portraits and weddings.

Aradia Fitness Calgary owner and pole fitness instructor Robin Buriak


Owner and Instructor

Robin believed in love at first sight the second she met her pole!  Robin shines doing anything that requires graceful lines and flow.  Despite being incredibly multi talented, Robin is very much down to earth.  Her genuine warmth and welcoming nature makes her approachable and enjoyable to train with for students and instructors alike. She has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification, is a Certified POUND® Pro and continues her learning through our education and training requirements.  She is very passionate about her craft and recently won the 2017 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship in the Masters division!

Aradia Fitness Calgary pole fitness and aerial instructor Felicia Salzmann



Felicia started pole in 2010 in Tallahassee FL and she was instantly hooked.  After only one year, she competed in the Georgia Pole Fitness Competition and the first Florida Pole Fitness Championship.  Her pole training opened the door to opportunities in aerial arts and in 2012, Felicia joined the Florida State University Flying High Circus as a Spanish Web performer.  For the next two years, Felicia traveled to Calgary, LA and Palm Springs and attended conventions where she learned from some of the top pole athletes in the world.  In 2014 she moved back to Calgary where she began teaching for two years before taking a year off to train for herself and compete in the 2017 PSO Vancouver competition in her first professional division.  She has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and Felicia also teaches Aerial classes on top of her popular Pole and Exotic Flow classes  Her diverse experience make her an awesome addition to our team!

Aradia Fitness Calgary pole fitness and aerial instructor Clare Burton



Clare has been dancing since age 4, and has trained and performed in various disciplines such as ballet, tap, contemporary, hip hop, ballroom and burlesque. Her highlight and highest achievement was becoming a professional dancer with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. She was thrilled when she discovered pole and aerials arts 3 1/2 years ago, as it was a new and inventive way that she could utilize her dance skills.  After her first lessons, she became hooked and continued training and growing within the art forms. She has since entered the competitive side of pole, placing first in Pole Sport Organization Canada West Dramatic Divison for two years running. Clare also placed 2nd in Aerial Hoop L2 at the Canadian Pole Fitness Association West Coast Regional Competition in 2019.  Clare loves performing above all else and feels very comfortable on stage, even crafting her own handmade costumes to go with her ideas. She has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and over and above pole, she also teaches our popular Ballet Burn, Dance Flow and Aerial classes! She is very excited to teach and grow as an instructor through Aradia Fitness.

Aradia Fitness Calgary pole fitness instructor Tatiana Vladimirovna



Tatiana is a fun, enthusiastic and open-minded person. Training and exercising are a lifestyle for her. Tatiana was born and raised in Russia and took her first classes of pole dancing there too. She fell in love with every move and back then decided to become an instructor one day. Tatiana moved to Canada in 2009 and worked hard to become a fitness professional. Her dream came true when she joined Aradia Fitness. She completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and continues her learning through our education and training requirements. For Tatiana, Pole Dancing is a great and very unique way to stay fit, feel confident and meet new friends. As a Pole Dancing Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach Tatiana enjoys pushing students and clients to be their best by setting an example in her own personal fitness and techniques.

Aradia Fitness Calgary pole fitness instructor Amanda Myers

Amanda M.


Amanda began her pole fitness career with Aradia Fitness in Calgary in 2012.  She enjoys working with students to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.  As an EMT, she is well versed in safe practices.  Amanda completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and continues to train and educate herself to ensure safe and effective training practices for her students.  She is a ball of energy and has a positive attitude that permeates to everyone around her!

Aradia Fitness Calgary aerial instructor Cassia Farias



Cassia is originally from Brazil and she came to Canada in 2012. She competed internationally in trampoline on the World Cup Circuit as a member of the Brazilian National Team. She has a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education and has been very active in promoting trampoline, gymnastics and circus. Cassia is a Level 2 Trampoline and Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach. Before relocating to Canada, she worked as the co-ordinator of a social circus project where she helped develop several productions in Brazil. The outreach projects combined trampoline, gymnastics, circus, and theatre for 500 at risk youth. That was when she fell in love for circus aerials. In Canada she worked with very talented aerialists and directors from all over the world, and produced 4 shows for kids. Outside of work Cassia is passionate about nutrition and helps to inspire healthy living around the world!  We are very excited to have Cassia lead our new aerial program at Aradia Fitness Calgary!

Aradia Fitness Calgary pole fitness instructor Jordanna Hogan



Jordanna began her pole dancing career just shy of 3 years ago. Her best friend pestered her for months to attend a class until she begrudgingly signed up for a beginner’s class and, low and behold, became obsessed with the world of pole dancing and hasn’t looked back since. She even opted to rent a two bedroom apartment just so she could dedicate one of the rooms to a pole! Jordanna is a creative and rather sarcastic individual who loves to break down complex moves and combos on the pole. She is also not afraid of heights, whether it’s a high tumble sequence or a pair of 8 inch stiletto Pleasers heels! Jordanna has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification and continues to train and develop her technique in order to effectively teach her students.

Aradia Fitness Calgary aerial hammock instructor Tianna Gervais



Tianna (Tia) has expressed various forms of movement her whole life.  She was active in several styles of dance for thirteen years, including ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, pointe, and belly dancing. Seeing her mother’s successful body building life-style, Tianna dipped her interest in weight training and calisthenics.  She tested her body awareness and aesthetics in a new, very disciplined way. After competing twice with SABBA (Saskatchewan amateur body building association) and seeing her perspective and her own physical body changed, she gained a new insight and respect for the human body and her capabilities with growth. In 2015 Tia received certification with YogaWorks 200-hour yoga teacher training. In 2016, she took her 50 hour AIRyogalates (aerial hammock) training, since then has been teaching aerial classes, workshops and parties incorporating dance, fitness, acrobatics and flexibility. You can find her teaching versatile classes including aerial fit, aerial (yoga) flow, & flips and tricks. From her own experiences with self worth and movement, Tia believes that confidence, flow and power emerges from challenging yourself physically so you can feel the tangible effects of your own hard work. In her practices ranging from ballet through body-building, she has discovered the reciprocity of strength and grace. With a light hearted and supportive demeanor, she is excited to support you in your aerial practice!

Aradia Fitness Calgary pole fitness instructor Angela Valiant



Angela is a broadcaster by day and pole fitness enthusiast by night!  She’s always enjoyed puzzles and measurable goals which she just could not find with a regular gym.  She dove into activities like climbing, yoga, circuit training but pole was finally the perfect blend of challenge and fun so she’s been at it since 2015!  She loves the strength focused work she gets to do at Aradia and few things top the satisfaction of learning a new move that seemed impossible in the beginning.  Angela loves to learn and has been a career student for a number of years with a BFA, a Broadcasting Certificate and now her Aradia Fitness Certification.  Pole provided a sense of confidence and strength Angela hadn’t experienced before and she hopes to help her students achieve that in their practice too!