I always assumed pole was just another one of those fitness things that would be fun to try, that I’d likely fail at and that you’d have to be crazy flexible or coordinated to do at all.  After one hour with Demetra at Aradia Fitness I was COMPLETELY hooked!  As someone with no dance experience and minimal coordination (just a tall awkward creature really!), everything felt possible after only one day.  The further in I get the more excited I am about it!  I get that “post-gym” ache which tells me how hard I work while I’m in the studio but I feel so much more satisfied than just an average trip to the gym because it just so happens to be crazy fun too!  Every week I get to try something new and every week I get stronger!  I’m looking forward to a long relationship with pole fitness – that artistic, challenging and unique workout that I personally haven’t experienced anywhere else.

~Angela, Radio Host

I started pole fitness with a group of friends as a fun way to spend time together.  After two classes I was hooked!  I’ve continued for all of these years because of the confidence it builds.  The focus on achieving new skills and doing something completely out of my normal existence makes me forget I’m working out at the same time.  What I love about Aradia is the feeling of community.  The teachers and students truly connect and there is a level of support and genuine happiness at the accomplishments of the other women in the class.  There is freedom to work at your own pace/comfort level yet a focus on pushing yourself within safe boundaries.  I always feel better walking out of the studio than when I came in and find myself wishing I could be there more!  The studio is beautiful and the organization is run professionally.  It is a space where I can be myself and push myself.  I love Aradia!

~Lisa T.

I started dancing at Aradia Fitness last March.  I had been struggling with a stomach illness that left me tired and far too comfortable on my couch, and I was looking for a change, but the treadmill at the gym held no appeal.  Then I discovered the world of pole sport on YouTube and was fascinated.  If this was something that could be learned, was there possibly a place in Calgary that taught women with absolutely no dance experience how to gracefully twist their bodies around a pole?  Google told me that there was, and I was determined to discover Aradia for myself despite my fears that I would just embarrass myself or that my friends might disapprove of something traditionally seen as scandalous.  From my very first intro class, I knew this was the kind of workout I wanted to make my own.  I immediately signed up for Level 1 and have been taking each successive level ever since.  I cannot say enough about how pole and the instructors at Aradia have positively impacted my life.  Through learning and strengthening for pole, I have gained the resilience necessary to perform well in a physically demanding career.  With the support and encouragement of the instructors, I am learning a style of dance that gives me happiness and always surprises me with new achievements and still further goals to push myself towards.  Most importantly, I have always found the positive energy at Aradia contagious.  Learning to dance from other women who have passion for this sport is always an uplifting experience, and I feel incredibly privileged to share my journey with them.  Aradia is more to me than just fitness.  For me, it has become an important part of a commitment to improve myself, and appreciate the beauty in others.


Hey ladies!!  Looking for a place to find your inner beauty and your inner meow?  Aradia Fitness Calgary is the place for you!  Very comfortable and safe environment, you will discover something about yourself you did not even know you had.  It does not matter about your fitness level, or dress size, big or small, you can and will do it all.  This is a place where a woman can be a woman and escape from their daily routines, be free and feel alive.  Aradia is my escape from my everyday busy mom and working mom life.  It allows me to express myself, unwind, really connect with myself and just be a woman!  I love this place!

~Lisa D.