Jul '19


Four (real) Reasons You’re Not Progressing

Two pole dancers in black and pink outfits holding a knee hook pose and arms on hips

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In every athletic and strength-based endeavour, it is possible to hit a plateau. The plateau is a decrease in the progress of your results from your regular training. Plateaus can happen at any point (in our case, in any level), multiple times, and for a multitude of reasons. Plateaus happen to everyone, but not everyone… Read more »

Jun '19


Student Spotlight – Yulia

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At Aradia Fitness Calgary, we celebrate our students’ success. Every month, we feature a student who we feel exemplifies our Aradia family spirit, and the joy of our pole community. For the month of July, 2019, we are featuring Yulia Zhdanova. Yulia brings so much positivity with her to the studio. She works hard in… Read more »

May '19


Benefits of Aradia Cardio Focused Classes

Pole dancers using pole for oblique exercises.

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Continuing with our posts on the benefits of our various classes, today we will focus on two more of my favourites, Pole Circuit and POUND®! The classes are cardio based, but no running is required. These two classes are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and keep you entertained. The number one thing I… Read more »