Mar '19


Benefits of Aradia Choreography Classes

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  In a previous post, we discussed why cross training is essential for pole and aerial athletes. A few of the benefits of cross training include injury prevention, increased cardio and enhanced mobility and movement. With over thirty different classes on our weekly schedule, we offer these benefits and many more when you are trying… Read more »

Feb '19


Student Spotlight – Mya

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At Aradia Fitness Calgary, we celebrate our students’ victories. Mya Bakk is our Student Spotlight for February, 2019! Mya has come so far in her confidence and ability that she is performing a solo in our Spring Showcase in April. We can’t wait to see her shine! 1.  Where are you from? Hometown? I was… Read more »

Jan '19


Student Spotlight – Jimena

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For the Student Spotlight opening of 2019, we bring you Jimena Torres (Jay)! Jay started pole fitness as a part of a personal healing journey, with the intention of building emotional and physical strength, as well as confidence. She began attending Pole 1 classes with Aradia Fitness Calgary in 2015 and has progressed to being… Read more »