Aradia Fitness Calgary

Who are we?

We genuinely believe it is our team that makes us the best. Each instructor has at least four years of experience in their chosen disciplines, and some have even been teaching for over a decade. They are all trained, certified, and insured to teach a refined, thoroughly researched, and proven curriculum.

All the Aradia Fitness Calgary instructors have taken unique paths to get to where they are today. A few have dance or fitness backgrounds and, for some, pole and aerial was their first entry into physical activity and sport. What brings us all together is our love for the apparatus, the drive to continue learning, and the willingness and capability to share our knowledge and skills.

Our experiences over the years are part of what makes your journey with each of us special and uniquely yours. Our current students agree the team knows how to challenge them in positive and encouraging ways. Every instructor gets to know all their students, providing support, and empowering each person coming through our doors.

We invite you to challenge yourself and try a class at Aradia Fitness Calgary. Each experience with us is designed to have you feeling strong, fit, and confident as you progress through your pole and aerial journey with us.


Owner & Pole/Aerials Instructor

Monika has been a pole, aerial, flexibility, and mobility instructor and coach for over a decade. As an instructor, Monika is versatile and experienced, able to teach many styles and always has “interesting” exercises to improve your practice and keep your body healthy and moving. Monika has a degree in Problem Solving (aka Physics), which helps her break down movements and figure out how to best adapt skills and exercises for everyone. A love of learning has always driven Monika in all her endeavours. She is continually trying to expand her knowledge base and tool box with a variety of courses, including anatomy-based instructor training.

When she is not at the studio, Monika spends a lot of time focusing on her photography business. She is an award-winning photographer, respected educator and renouned speaker. Her work fills most of this website. Outside of pole and aerial photography, she is most known for her distinctive landscape and night photography work.

Monika has competed at and won pole fitness competitions and performed at various events, including an internationally renowned metal festival headlined by one of her favourite bands, Venom. Photography led Monika to discover a love of nature, hiking, and scrambling. While this pulled her away from performing and competing, she continues to train performers and champion-level athletes.

Follow Monika on Instagram – @fitdeviant, @monikadeviat

“Monika has a focused personable style that highlights her strong grounding in technique. Her classes are designed well and showcase her anatomical knowledge of progressions and wealth of teaching experience. Private lessons with Monika are goal oriented, pragmatic and fun! Her no-nonsense approach to building strength from the ground up along with a wicked sense of humour makes her one of the most well rounded instructors that I have had the pleasure to work with. ” – R. Hunt, Cirque du Soleil Pole Performer


Owner & Pole Instructor

Robin believed in love at first sight the second she met her pole! Robin shines doing anything that requires graceful lines and flow. Despite being incredibly multi talented, Robin is very much down to earth. Her genuine warmth and welcoming nature makes her approachable and enjoyable to train with for students and instructors alike.

She has completed her Aradia Fitness Certification, is a Certified POUND® Pro and continues her learning through our education and training requirements. She is very passionate about her craft and recently won the 2017 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship in the Masters division!

Follow Robin on Instagram – @tamlinsky