At Aradia Fitness Calgary, we celebrate our students’ success. Every month, we feature a student who we feel exemplifies our Aradia family spirit, and the joy of our pole community.

For the month of July, 2019, we are featuring Yulia Zhdanova. Yulia brings so much positivity with her to the studio. She works hard in class, much as she does in her Korean Martial Arts where she holds a black belt. She is sweet and quiet, and probably the best-dressed on our studio, dazzling us daily. Well done, Yulia! You have come so far and we can’t wait to see where you will go in your pole journey!

Where are you from (hometown)?

I was born in Moscow,Russia.

What is your favourite pastime, outside of pole, including any other dancing that you do?

I have a black stripe in Korean Martial Arts and I enjoy fitness. Taking pole lessons allows me to be more confident and love my body.

When did you first start coming to Aradia Fitness?

My first class in Aradia Fitness began on August 30, 2018 from Intro to Pole.

What is your favourite class at Aradia?

Some of my favourites are Floor Play, Exotic Flow and Pole Circuit.

What do you love most about pole?

All classes and levels of Pole are great with amazing instructors.

What keeps you motivated to come to your classes consistently?

What keeps me motivated to come to Pole classes consistently is my eagerness to learn new Pole moves, having best teachers, and a friendly environment in the studio. Because of those things, I want to come everyday!

What surprised you about pole fitness?

I had a good understanding, that pole dancing requires hard work, and you have to be strong and believe in yourself. As you get more practice, you will begin seeing good results and start loving it even more.

Why should someone join Aradia Fitness Calgary and start pole today?

I strongly recommend joining  Aradia Fitness Calgary to increase confidence and love for your body.