Aradia Fitness is excited to be hosting Mitchell Eckert as our guest instructor for July!

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Mitchell grew up always wanting to dance and was driven by an urge to be physically creative. It wasn’t until the summer of 2019 that he decided to move away from home and embrace his acrobatic passions within the circus industry. Since then, Mitchell has trained and graduated from 3 year post-secondary training with the “Artist Preparatory Program” through ‘The Circus Lab’ based in Langley, BC. He specializes in Aerial Net, Straps, and Acro Balance, with experience in Lyra, Tissue, Aerial Pole, and Acrobatics.

Mitchell’s passion and constant creativity are what have him down this path, and he’s excited to continue flying through it!

Mitchell will be guest instructing our aerial classes on July 4, 7, and 14th and hosting two workshops on July 8th.

Intro to Hand Balancing

July 8th @ 5:15pm

In this class we’ll be learning the different key parts of the body to focus on when inverting, going over basic drills on how to hold a good handstand shape both on the wall and freestanding, and learning how to flow and move in any upside down shape. Become more aware of your body and where it is in space. You should leave this class with a comfortable set of drills and movements for you to work on, yourself at home.

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Prerequisites: Have experience with some form of inversions (headstands, teddy bear stand, baby stand, etc.) and can hold a handstand against the wall or kick up.

Lyra Combo Workshop

July 8th @ 6:40pm

The great part about this class is that it’s a completely open level, so whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, there will be different versions of the choreography you can do. The goal of this class isn’t just about learning the choreography, but to find each persons individualized style of movement. We’ll be learning a combo, workshopping movement styles, working on improvisation techniques, and working on spinning and flow patterns and techniques.

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Prerequisites: Able to invert to knee hang, back balance, and have a basic knowledge of how to spin.