Our hammock classes are circus based!

Intro to Hammock

All Levels

Intro to Hammock is your introduction to skills on Aerial Hammock. This is a circus-based class that focuses on foundational movements, strength, and tricks. While there is some cross-over with our Silks classes, Hammock has a different set of skills and can complement your training on other apparatuses.

*Intro to Hammock is not a replacement for Intro to Aerials.

Stretch and Hang

All Levels  

Flexibility and mobility class that utilizes the Hammocks as well. This class will combine conditioning exercises, active stretches, dynamic stretches, and passive stretches.

Hammock Tricks

Prerequisites: Intro to Hammock or Intro to Aerials

Build on your foundations in this tricks-based class! Twist, climb, invert, and roll around in the hammock as you learn new skills and how to link them together. This is a multi-skill level class – students will work on movement appropriate for their experience level and strength.

Hammock Low Flow

Prerequisites: Lyra L2 or Silks L2 or 4 or more Hammock Tricks Classes

This is a choreography class utilizing the Hammock to dance on the floor and in the air. Floor movements will be incorporated into the choreo, and students will link these with tricks and transitions in the hammock.

Students who have just levelled up to 2 are welcome!

Clients who are a first-time visitor to Aradia Fitness, but already have aerial experience, please fill our assessment form prior to your first class for a consultation & level placement. We welcome aerial enthusiasts from near & far to train with us at Aradia Fitness!

If you’ve had more than a 2 month break from our studio, you may want to level down for just a few classes to ensure your strength is still on pace for your current level.

Pre-registration is required for all Classes and Sessions.

Pre-registration is required for all Classes and Sessions.