All Pole Level classes are based on a four-week lesson plan rotation. Students are required to take a minimum of eight classes per level prior to completing an assessment with an instructor. Depending on fitness level, consistently and training schedule, students can expect to take more than eight classes before being able to level up in many cases.

Pole 1

After Intro to Pole you will keep working on foundational movements and strength exercises. You will learn a variety of spins and transitions, as well as how to put them together to create mini choreographies.

Pole 2

In Pole 2, you will explore more challenging spins, tricks and transitions. This is the level where you begin to climb the pole, learn how to sit on the pole and even go upside down with basic inverts. Strength training will increase and you will continue to work on putting movements together.

Pole 3

In Pole 3 you will be spending even more time in the air and upside down. More inverted tricks are taught. You will work on climbing and transitioning into movements higher up on the pole.

Pole 4

Pole 4 is one of our “biggest” levels with many foundational movements that will build your pole movement and skill repertoire. Many of the skills will teach you to hold yourself upside down using different parts of the body such as the inner thighs, hips and knee pits. The spins, transitions and strength work become more challenging to ensure your body is prepared for the tricks and subsequent levels.

Pole 5

Pole 5 is a combination of challenging new thigh and hip holds, impressive spins and more intense strength building techniques. Everything you learned in Pole 4 will transition to an exciting new move or combination. You will try combinations that link together even more movements and work on endurance.

Pole 6

In Pole 6 we put all your conditioning and strength training to work in more advanced aerial moves. The coveted Ayesha is taught in this level along with tricks that focus on flexibility, strength and drops.

Pole 7

Pole 7 takes your pole journey to the next level. You will learn new techniques, combos, drops, split grip tricks, acrobatic floor work and more. Core and strength work is an important component of this level.

Pole 8

Pole 8 is our highest level at this time. In this level we will continue to safely build your strength and flexibility. You will be presented with challenging tricks, combos and mobility exercises. Skills will build, as well as your bravery to try drops, flips and tumbles.

For safety reasons, ARADIA FITNESS REQUIRES ALL STUDENTS TO PASS AN ASSESSMENT WITH AN INSTRUCTOR PRIOR TO ADVANCING TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  Taking at least one class per week (if not more) will help you progress faster than taking classes infrequently (your frequency will determine how many classes you may need to reach the strength to assess to the next level) . Clients are welcome to attend any Pole Level class at their current approved level or any lower level. Aradia Fitness also offers some Mixed-Level pole dance class options for clients to attend in addition to their structured pole level class such as Mixed Level 2 & 3.  Mixed level classes may count towards a student’s class count for pole advancement & assessment.

** IMPORTANT ** First-time pole dance students must begin with a “Intro to Pole” class.  After completion of your intro class, you will then be eligible to attend any Pole 1 or Beginner Pole class on the schedule. During your first class, your instructor will give you an overview of how clients can progress through their pole journey at Aradia Fitness!

Clients who are a first-time visitor to Aradia Fitness, but already have pole dance experience, please Contact Us prior to your first class for an email consultation & level placement. We welcome pole enthusiasts from near & far to train with us at Aradia Fitness!  Also, if you’ve had more than a 2 month break from pole, you may want to level down for just a few classes to ensure your strength is still on pace for your current level. Pole Fit classes will progress your learning and all pre-requisites are listed if any.

Pre-registration is required for all Classes and Sessions.