Polestands L1

Prerequisite: Pole 4+

Handstands are a great fundamental skill for a lot of pole dance moves. But don’t worry, these are all pole-assisted! In this class, we will review the foundations for a strong and efficient handstand, discuss common challenges, and how to set your body up for success. We’ll work on elbow stands, tripod stands, and handstand shapes with the pole along with transitions in and out of these shapes. The moves will have two points of contact from the upper limbs on the floor.

Polestands L2

Prerequisite: Pole 6+

Get ready for more challenging handstand shapes! We’ll start with a quick review of handstand foundations and then use that to make new skills more efficient and easier to achieve. Combinations of different handstand shapes and various transitions will be taught.

This is a multi-skill level class – students will work on movement appropriate for their experience level and strength.