At Aradia Fitness Calgary, we feature one student every month who exemplifies the commitment and attitude of our joyful pole community. When Sarah first arrived at our studio as a Pole 1 student, she was quiet but determined to succeed. We have watched Sarah learn and grow, all the while celebrating the success of other students in her classes. You can find Sarah in all of our pole classes, from Pole 3 to lap dance workshops. Keep going, Sarah, you are an inspiration!

1.  Where are you from?  Hometown?

 Oakville Ontario

2.  Favourite pastime? (outside of pole, including any other dancing you do)

 Going on road trips and spending time with friends and family

3.  What do you love most about pole?

That it challenges me both mentally and physically

4.  What is your favourite pole move? What is your favourite class at Aradia? 

Pole 3 and Pole Fluidity are my favourites

5.  What keeps you motivated to come to your classes consistently?

 Seeing my progress – I feel like I have breakthroughs every week! And seeing my pole dance friends!

6.  When did you first start coming to Aradia Fitness?

 February 2018

7.  What surprised you about pole dance and fitness?

How addictive it is! And seeing the very noticeable changes in my body composition and strength.

8.  Why should someone join Aradia Fitness Calgary and start pole today?

It gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.