Last week, we premiered our studio feature video, and it had me thinking about the experience of the video shoot as well as having our special guests, Kira Noire and Evgeny Greshilov, at Aradia Fitness Calgary. This is the first part of a series of stories I will share with you about our time with Kira and Evgeny. I hope you enjoy following along!

In the fall of 2018, I found myself thinking about how our studio has grown over the last four years. When I bought the Aradia Fitness Calgary franchise in 2014, we were located in the northwest, but I thought it was time to move to the southwest; to build a studio I had always dreamed of. We started with four instructors and offered a total of 12 classes per week (operating only four days a week). Today, we have grown our team to 11 highly trained instructors, and offer 34 classes per week. I remember how we used to struggle booking pole athletes for workshops, and now, pole athletes contact us directly to come to our studio. We had expanded the business so much, but it made me think, “Should I be thinking even BIGGER?”.

The answer was, “YES!”.

Why couldn’t we take it to the next level? In my heart, I knew we could. It was just a matter of deciding what that meant. I thought long and hard about artists I would love to connect with and bring to Calgary, 

I had long been a follower of both Kira and Evgeny. Kira and Evgeny’s list of accomplishments is beyond lengthy. They both work with the biggest Russian Dance-Circus Show at Leningrad Centre, have won numerous international competitions, and are revered for their work around the world. 

Mesmerized by their talent, I had taken their workshops in the past and had experienced (first hand) their incredible instruction as well. I decided to take a leap and reach out to them. I nervously awaited a response, but I tempered my expectations. Why would they accept (knowing it would be their first time in Canada), and how would I even bring them over? Regardless, I got a response (within two days)! It was a resounding, “YES!”

I couldn’t believe Kira Noire and Evgeny Greshilov wanted to come to my studio!

The best part? Evgeny is also a pole videographer and photographer. Together with Kira’s help with choreography, I had hoped they would produce a video for Aradia Fitness Calgary. This was going to be BIG!

Check back next week to hear more about our time with Evgeny and Kira!


Kira Noire and Evgeny Greshilov with Demetra Lykidis at Aradia Fitness Calgary


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