For this week’s post in our series about our time with Kira Noire and Evgeny Greshilov, we voluntold one of our lovely pole and aerial instructors, Clare Burton, to write a piece for us. We also have the perfect video clip to accompany this post on our instagram feed. Make sure to check it out with the sound on. Here’s Clare’s experience of our studio feature video shoot.

Although I knew who Kira and Evgeny were before they arrived, I feel as though I didn’t wholly appreciate the opportunity to learn from them until I was in their presence. I distinctly remember watching both of them practicing before our workshop began and getting chills. The precision, flexibility, and strength took my breath away. As a trained dancer, I noticed these attributes immediately and realized how much I could gain by attending these workshops. All three workshops I attended were hard work, but I came away with a new appreciation for what I am capable of. It’s a never-ending journey of discovery that pole dance has to offer!

When Demetra told us about the video they would be creating for us, I knew this would be a fantastic way for the instructors (including me) to showcase the best of what we offer. Even though I’ve been involved in music videos and similar projects in the past, there’s nothing quite like the experience of hearing “Just one more time!” or “Again!” over and over. Both Kira and Evgeny were committed to producing the best video they could and consistently brought new ideas and angles for us to try.


Kira Noire assisting Clare Burton during the Aradia Fitness Calgary Feature Video Shoot

As I completed my solo shot for the video, featuring my favourite flexibility move, Allegra, I was challenged by them to attempt it with straight legs (which I had not achieved before). Kira pushed and pushed until finally, it was a perfect split. I was so unbelievably happy I was able to complete the move and have it captured in our video! When the final product was released, I could barely contain my excitement. I was bursting with pride for my fellow instructors and my studio. It was a fantastic experience to work with both Kira and Evgeny, two incredible professionals who will always be remembered by us all.