Aradia Fitness Calgary is dedicated to cultivating a team of highly trained instructors, committed to the safe, successful, and progressive instruction of our clients. Each instructor is passionate about learning and expanding their teaching skills – and we provide the best training possible. As the premiere Pole Fitness Studio in Calgary, we have set a high standard for anyone who earns a coveted spot on our team.

Aradia, as a whole, has developed a thoroughly researched and proven curriculum requiring a high level of knowledge to teach correctly. Candidates applying for the program must be an experienced pole dancer (or aerialist) before they can become one of our instructors. For example, all instructors on our roster had three or more years of experience before starting their training. We conduct training for a level over the course of a weekend. The candidate then completes an internship, practicing teaching alongside an experienced instructor before being tested on their knowledge. In addition, we designed our aerial program, introduced in February 2018, in conjunction with Circus Lab. Training from Circus lab was done with teachers who are also experienced Cirque du Soleil artists.

Demetra and I have been teaching pole and aerial for ten years. What drew me to Demetra, as both a fellow instructor and a business partner, is the similar philosophy we both held about instructing. We are continually learning techniques, movements and exercises. We do this through our travels to studios and gyms across North America, various teacher certification courses and online training. Not only does this increase our skills, but it also expands our teaching repertoire.

Over the past three years, we have put a lot of dedicated effort into cultivating a team (and family) of instructors with the same drive to learn and share knowledge and skills. (I may be a bit biased, but I’d say our team is the absolute greatest).

My students can attest to the multitude of odd and (unfortunately for them) helpful conditioning exercises and stretches I know. After ten years, I am still trying to expand my knowledge. I learn from Cirque du Soleil Artists, triathletes, extreme sports athletes, and travelling pole artists, to give a few examples.

Calisthenics and pole dancing on Miami Beach
Monika training (showing off?) with Calisthenics experts in Miami.

When we have the opportunity to host pole stars like Kira Noire and Evgeny Greshilov, I jump on the chance to learn from them. It’s not just because I can learn some cool tricks. It’s also because once I let them know I want to use some of my time to learn more teaching tips, I get so much more out of the session. We host a variety of pole stars and aerialists at our studio, each having their own unique style.

Jordan Kensley, a guest instructor at Aradia Fitness Calgary training Monika on twerking
Jordan Kensley working with Monika on twerking skills.

Just like the guests we host, all of the instructors at Aradia Fitness Calgary have their unique style and personality. This helps expose students to infinitely more options. It also shows them they can really make their pole and aerial practice their own.

I think one of the most important aspects of a great instructor is willingness to continue to learn and adapt. Anyone can learn how to give a standard explanation of a move. A genuinely dedicated instructor will adapt to their students, always be thinking and analyzing, feel the fire from discovering something new, and be looking for opportunities everywhere to learn and grow as a teacher.



Cirque du Soliel artist and gymnast Sascha Bachmann taught classes at Aradia in 2019.
Cirque du Soleil artist and gymnast Sascha Bachmann taught classes at Aradia in 2019.