Aradia Fitness has continued to remain the leader in pole dance classes in Calgary with a team of certified and dedicated instructors, a carefully designed & thought-out pole level structure and the most original & fun classes in the city! We are so excited to reveal our updated curriculum and class structure in January 2017!!!

Aradia Fitness is more than just a fitness center.  It is a community, lifestyle and support system that truly has to be experienced to be understood. Surrounded by positive, everyday women just like you – you will find yourself reaching new heights on both a physical and emotional level… something you simply cannot find at a traditional gym or fitness center!

Aradia Fitness welcomes women from all walks of life and all fitness levels!  Pop in anytime to experience what we have to offer.  Taken pole dance classes before but not sure where you fit in at Aradia Fitness?  No sweat!  Simply email us at to schedule your quick “Pole Assessment Consultation” so we can find the Pole Level which will safely challenge you at your current skill level.

Starting January 1st, 2017, Aradia Fitness is taking things to the next level by creating price packages & a flexible class system that is convenient, affordable and easy-to-use.  Here’s a brief overview until you can swing by the website to learn more:

Class Packs:

No more hassles of having to sign up for 4-week, 6-week or 8-week sessions to take your pole dancing classes!  We know that the average 21st Century woman is a busy lady with numerous commitments each & every day.  Sometimes it is hard enough to figure out what you are doing THIS WEEKEND let alone a month from now!  With 4, 8, 12 and 16 Class Packs, Aradia Fitness clients have the ability to create their own schedule without fear of long-term commitments.  The larger the Class Pack, the more Savings!!!  You can pick and choose what classes you would like to attend (your level or lower) during the week and never worry about missing a class again!  Work your way through Pole Levels 1-6 at your own pace and comfort level.

Mix & Match Your Classes:

The strongest pole dance clients are the ones who mix & match their workouts, providing their bodies with a well-rounded & complete fitness routine, which is why at Aradia Fitness we’ve made it so easy to use your Class Pack for BOTH your Pole Dance Level classes as well as any of our Speciality Classes (Flexibility and Conditioning, Pole Circuit, Poleflow and Spin Pole – check out our Class Descriptions in the new year to confirm any pre-requisites)

Pole Hard or Go Home… Go Unlimited!  VIP Memberships:

You know what you want and you are ready to work your sexy little bootay off to get there!  That’s where the Aradia Fitness 6-Month and 12-Month VIP Memberships come into play – perfect for the pole fitness vixen in all of us!  Interested in doing two or more classes per week?  With the VIP Membership options, you will SAVE EVEN MORE!  Unlimited Pole Fitness Classes, Unlimited Practices, Unlimited Specialty Classes… it is POLETASTIC!

Check out our website for the Class Packs prices in mid December and have fun getting fit!!!