Even though Pole Fitness provides the benefits of a full body workout there are plenty of reasons why cross training is important. Any one activity repetitively can result in overusing some muscles which can cause injury.  Also, if you include a few other activities it can improve your overall performance in pole!

Here are some of my favorite activities that can improve your performance:

Running: This is a great way to improve your cardio! I personally love running however I do have a tough time when it’s cold but there is nothing better than running in the spring, summer and fall.  If you are new to running start with a 20 minute walk/run where you walk for 4 mins and run for 1 min.   Adjust these times to what works for you and each week increase your run time by 30 seconds.

Barre: Ballet Barre is one of those activities like Pole Fitness that combines a few fitness areas such as strength, flexibility and endurance.   Most barre classes are inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. It focuses on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range of motion movements.  I personally love this workout because it also helps with graceful movement.

Weight Training: Lifting weights that are heavy enough to do only between 8 -12 repetitions is the best starting point. I find that working on shoulder strength is a big benefit for pole. Shoulders are typically not strong for most people and safe weight training can really help build your strength and stability.  Also, squats, lunges and deadlifts are great for your legs!

Yoga: There are so many benefits to yoga but among them are improved flexibility, increase in muscle strength, improved posture and wellbeing. I’ve never left a Yoga class without feeling great.

What does my typical week look like during the winter months?  (Keep in mind I teach seven pole dance, pole fit and/or sexy fit classes a week)

  • 8 hours of pole
  • 1 to 2 hours of barre or yoga
  • 3 hours of weight training

At Aradia Fitness Calgary we have classes over and above Pole Dance that can help with some of the fitness areas above such as:

  • Pole Circuit – Strength training, endurance and cardio
  • Flexibility and Conditioning – Conditioning and flexibility
  • Yogalicious – Flexibility and muscle strength

So how much pole should you do a week?   Well that’s tough to answer based on everyone’s busy lifestyle however doing more than 1 hour a week will help you advance faster in pole.  When I was a student I usually did 2 – 3 classes a week and I felt my body changing in a positive way within a month.  It didn’t just feel like a workout for me, it felt like a fun evening out!

Check out all of the Class Descriptions and start having fun while getting fit with Aradia!