In a previous post, we discussed why cross training is essential for pole and aerial athletes. A few of the benefits of cross training include injury prevention, increased cardio and enhanced mobility and movement. With over thirty different classes on our weekly schedule, we offer these benefits and many more when you are trying to get to the next level of your training. For the next few posts, we will focus on how our choreography classes can help you in your training.

Let’s take a look at Floor Play and Dance Flow. These are just two of the many choreography classes we offer at Aradia. Many times I’ve heard “I can’t figure out my floor work routine in my competition piece” or “I don’t feel comfortable moving away from the pole.” These comments are not unusual because we all tend to feel safe holding on to the pole after a while. Then it gets to the point where we cannot think of what to do if/when we are away from it. Being authentic to your natural movement always creates the best routines because your body knows what movement feels right and what doesn’t (this can show in a performance).

Floor Play is designed to teach you some movement while close to or on the floor. The more you take this class, the more the floor becomes part of your comfort zone. Creativity can take over as your body learns what movement(s) feel authentic to you. With or without heels, this class helps you explore and relate to the floor as your apparatus. As your comfort level increases, you will be more easily creating your patterns in your practice that are best suited to you.

Dance Flow is a complimentary class that uses basic dance movements to teach you graceful movement even when you are standing. You will focus on hand, leg and body movements to create grace, elegance, and interest while you are away from (or off of) the pole, hoop or silk. The music starts you on a journey, but your movement creates the storyline.

Happy Poling, Flying and Dancing!