We have another instructor feature for you this week! Amanda Myers has been pole dancing for about eleven years and started teaching pole dancing at a pervious Aradia Fitness franchise. Amanda, and one of our owners Demetra, met at that studio. When Demetra opened up Aradia Fitness Calgary, Amanda came back to Aradia as an instructor.

This badass instructor is also a paramedic. In the winter, Amanda tries to get out snowboarding as much as she can. Otherwise, she’s in the studio working on her pole skills, and recently Lyra and silks too.

Amanda is always so full of energy, and we love her positive approach to…well, everything! Although Amanda will make you work super hard in her classes, she’ll make sure you have fun too. You can’t expect someone who films awesome pole combos for us dressed in a panda costume to be totally serious all the time. Give her a follow on Instagram!

Aradia Fitness Calgary instructor Amanda Myers in a genie pose on pole

What surprised you the most about pole fitness?

How much of a full body work out it is. And the random bruises you’ll end up with.

What is your current favourite pole/aerial move?

Is that supposed to be one I can do, or one I dream of doing? Kidding. Sort of My favourite move that I hope to do one day would probably be the Fonji Fip, but my favourite to work on for myself right now is probably a Jamilla Tumble.

Do you have a favourite off the pole conditioning exercise?

For myself, I like to do lots of handstand and core balance conditioning, I also like to get lots of stretching in – flexibility will make such a difference in your pole career, and helps prevent injuries too!

What are your current pole and aerial goals for yourself and for your students?

I really encourage my students to make their fitness journey their own, to have fun and be proud of their individual progress. I know for myself, I strive to take inspiration from other pole dancers/aerialists, but not get wrapped up in comparisons.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I personally started my pole journey with no previous sports or dance experience, so as an instructor, I hope to inspire students by showing them that you can be successful with aerial arts regardless of your background, but also to use their individual strengths from whatever other hobbies, activities or sports they do.

What do you think students gain from being members at Aradia?

I’m sure every student could give the same answer, but I truly believe your studio becomes your family. I’m so fortunate to have my the other instructors and my students to push me, challenge me, encourage me and sweat right along beside me. I’ve never seen a more positive and diverse group of talented humans. The studio is one of my favourite places to be.

Can you provide one piece of advice for students working through their pole journey?

Be patient and put in the work for your strength conditioning, it’s a slow grind and we’re all going through it together. When you build strong foundations, not only is it a safer way to train, you’ll save yourself heaps of frustration later. It’s much less overwhelming when you can focus on learning the tricks, rather than having to build strength as well as wrap your head around all the new information!

Aradia Fitness Calgary instructor Amanda Myers posing in Lyra