Clare Burton is our resident polerina and our latest instructor feature! She came onto the team in October 2018 as a Lyra instructor. By December 2018, Clare was also teaching pole and silks classes. We love it when she speaks Australian to us, and we couldn’t imagine the studio without Clare Bear! [ed note. Clare Bear obviously comes from Demetra].

Clare’s ballet and contemporary dance training come through in her Dance Flow classes, and you will (almost) always see perfectly pointed toes and long extensions from her on the pole and Lyra. Recently, Clare started entering pole and aerial competitions in Canada, and she has placed in all of them! Her titles are 1st Place in Dramatic Level 3 at PSO Clare West, 1st Place Dramatic Level 4 PSO West, and 2nd Place in Hoop Level 2 at CPCF.

One way Clare brings her style and uniqueness to competitions and performances is by designing and sewing her own costumes. The outfits are beautiful, and some of her Aradia friends have commissioned outfits from her. Like all our instructors featured so far, Clare has pets. Coco, Navel, Blaze, Petrie and Tifa are the tiny cuties often featured on her personal Instagram. Follow her aerial Instagram account for all the pretty lines and dances.

Aradia Fitness Calgary feature instructor Clare Burton pole dancing in the Canadian Rockies

What surprised you the most about pole fitness?

The confidence I gained in myself was definitely the most surprising. Growing up as a dancer, I was always sure of my body and myself, but this taught me to think outside the box and train in some styles I never thought I would love or be capable of.

What is your current favourite pole/aerial move?

Allegra! An all rounder flexibility move that I am always working on improving.

Do you have a favourite off the pole conditioning exercise?

Inch worms! (Travelling along the floor through walking out to a plank, completing a push up, then walking the feet up to the hands). It definitely did not start out as a favourite, as it was very difficult, but I know now from how much I’ve progressed that it was a big helper for me, my wrist and shoulder strength. 

What are your current pole and aerial goals for yourself and for your students?

Maintaining my flexibility has always been my most serious goal. I think so many moves in both pole and aerial benefit from long lines that come from consistent stretching, therefore I always have a focus on this in my classes.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I feel that I am encouraging, but also serious in my approach. I want students who come to my class to leave feeling like they have achieved something new, or gained a better understanding of a skill. 

What do you think students gain from being members at Aradia?

A wide variety of unique skills, a newfound appreciation for your body and what it is capable of, and a passion for dance!

Can you provide one piece of advice for students working through their pole journey?

Be persistent. Some things will not happen right away, and that’s okay. Take your time and build on your strength and flexibility, both inside and outside of the studio.


Woman in black leotard in split pose on lyra